Call me sadistic, but I never get tired of reading, crafting, and evaluating queries. There’s something beautiful about taking 70,000 words and condensing it down to three paragraphs or even 140 characters.


Slush Pile Permit


After zillions of revisions, you aren’t even sure your query is in English. Three years evaluating queries in four slush piles has given me keen insight into what makes a reader sit up and salivate for pages. For a Slush Pile Permit , I will do three passes on your query or back cover copy (for those self-publishing).

Pitch Perfect


With the Pitch Perfect package, I will work with you on any pitch you have, from a verbal conference pitch to a twitter hook to a full on query to your back cover copy. The best part? This is an unlimited package. You can come with a conference pitch and a twitter hook and a full on query and back cover copy, and I will go through as many rounds of critique as you’d like on each.

Submission Package


In addition to the query, there’s that darn synopsis and those ever-important first pages to worry about. The Submission Package includes one thorough line edit to give your first ten pages a spit shine, as well as unlimited critiques on your 2-page synopsis and your query letter.

* Self-publishing option : first ten pages, up to 2-pages of excerpts, and back cover copy